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The actress says THR power stylist Cristina Ehrlich handed her a cold brew after an exhausting first day together, causing her to exclaim: “We are going to get along so well.”

Margot Robbie has spilled the secret to winning her heart: a good beer.

The Wolf of Wall Street actress says stylist Cristina Ehrlich plied her with a beer after an exhausting first day of work together, and that’s how she knew the pair would make a great team.

“I went for six hours, and we were delirious,” the Wolf of Wall Street star recalls while sitting next to Ehrlich, who is No. 8 on The Hollywood Reporter’s 25 Most Powerful Stylists of 2014. “The first thing you did was offered me a beer, and I was like ‘We are going to get along so well. This is my kind of stylist.’ ”

Robbie — who affectionately calls Ehrlich “Mama C” — says before meeting up with THR for the shoot, her stylist was feeding her “like I was a baby.”

“She takes care of me. Today she was spoon feeding me my lunch … while I was getting zipped into dresses, because that’s how little time we had.”

Ehrlich says “there is a nod to old Hollywood” in her client, but “she has a very glamorous feel about her that is very modern.”


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Thought id post a video I just watched, a short interview from behind the set of the shoot for the latest Vanity Fair: Hollywood Issue. Enjoy, M.x

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Found this interview on youtube, thought id share it of course, for those who haven’t seen it.

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A massive thanks to Brad for these exclusive photos and 2 short videos!

Here are some exclusive photos and 2 videos of Margot on set for her next film “Focus”! You saw it here first! =]

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Margot talks abit about her latest movie “About Time”

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Margot talks briefly about working on film “The Wolf of Wall Street”! Click link below to view:

[Watch Video]

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Here are two versions of the trailer for ‘About Time’! Margot is featured in the International Version.

International Version:

US Version:

What if you could go back in time and relive any moment in your life, in order to get it right? That’s the mind-boggling ability that 21-year old Tim (Domhnall Gleeson) discovers he possesses – thanks to a genetic trait passed down by the men on his father’s (Bill Nighy) side – in the new British romantic comedy, About Time.

About Time begins a limited release in U.S. theaters on November 1st, 2013, followed by a wider release on November 8th. Those who live in the UK get to see the movie two months earlier, when it opens on September 6th.

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Credit to Ana for sharing this with me! Its a scene Margot shoots for one of her upcoming films “About Time” starring Rachel McAdams! Tho excuse the person who uploaded this as they say she’s Rachel but its defiantly Margot!! Enjoy =D

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Happy Birthday to Margot who’s birthday would currently be celebrated in the US! Also just had to post a vid Caleb made for her, just amazing & dont know how on earth he finds the time!! So enjoy Margot & all her fans, watch this vid! =]

Video Source:

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From the 1min mark, there is a quick interview with Margot about her new years reso!

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