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Hey guys, sorry there has been next to no updates on Margot at the moment tho you can own Pan Am on DVD at the end of Janurary!

The Jet Age just hit full swing and leading the way are Pan Am’s elite stewardesses who can navigate any culture and overcome any challenge. From New York City to the edge of the world, they will discover romance, natural dangers and exotic intrigue in a lush recreation of 1963 that will take your breath away. Christina Ricci (Penelope, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas) leads an accomplished cast including Karine Vanasse (Midnight in Paris), Kelli Garner (The Aviator), Margot Robbie (Neighbours), Mike Vogel (The Help) and Michael Mosley (The Proposal). Join the journey in all 14 exciting episodes collected in this complete edition of the original series “Pan Am.”

The short-lived (14 episodes) program that aired on the ABC network – starring Christina Ricci (The Addams Family, Sleepy Hollow), Margot Robbie (Neighbours), Mike Vogel (The Help, Cloverfield, Grounded for Life) and Kelli Garner (G-Force) – is coming to DVD! This period piece set in the ’60s tried to look as realistic for the era as possible, and included guest stars and recurring cast such as Annabelle Wallis (The Tudors), Jeremy Davidson (Salt, Army Wives), Jay O. Sanders (Green Lantern), Goran Višnjic (ER, Leverage), Erin Cummings (Detroit 1-8-7, Spartacus: Blood and Sand) and Ashley Greene (The Twilight Sage).

Sony is planning to release all 14 episodes to stores on January 29th for $30.99 SRP. The information provided by the studio refers to this as a “season one” set, but the title of this DVD release is presumably going to be finalized as “Pan Am – The Complete Series, considering that the show has been formally cancelled. Sony also has conflicting information at this time about whether this is a 3-disc or a 4-disc set. They show it to be an anamorphic widescreen release with soundtracks in English 5.1, English Dolby Stereo, and French Dolby Stereo. There is also closed captioning for the hearing impaired. Package art isn’t ready yet, but stay tuned! While you wait, be sure to pre-order your copy from!


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When “Pan Am” first aired it looked like ABC might have a hit on their hands. The premiere (which cost $10m) was watched by 11 million viewers, the promos all looked (aesthetically at least) very appealing, while the reviews were cautiously positive and also expressed optimism for what the show had the potential to become. It also didn’t hurt that it arrived at the same time as NBC’s “The Playboy Club” – to which it bore a stylistic similarity – and seemed fantastic by comparison. But by the time the penultimate episode of the season aired the viewership had dropped to just over 2.5 million with a 0.7 demo rating, and by that point the writing was on the wall.

However, there may be hope yet for the show, with Deadline reporting that Sony are negotiating with Amazon to bring back the show just a fortnight after it was officially cancelled. Apparently the show has been received far more warmly internationally (though we shouldn’t really be surprised that this of all shows would be able to venture into new territories) and that has got the online behemoth interested. Amazon are looking into producing their own television through its recently launched Amazon Studios, and it certainly wouldn’t hurt to add an established drama – with production values they probably are not yet capable of attaining on their own – to their stable.

As exciting as this may sound for fans of “Pan Am,” it’s probably best not to get too carried away. Although some shows do seem to be looking to online vendors for salvation, it hasn’t always worked out. I’m sure “Terra Nova” fans got their hopes up when Netflix expressed interest in that Fox show, but ultimately nothing came of it. So while this could potentially mean that the likes of Christina Ricci, Karine Vanesse, Michael Mosley, Mike Vogel, Kelly Garner and the lovely Margot Robbie may still have a show to return to next season, we’d probably advise them not to give up on the job hunt quite yet.


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Could it be that the crew of “Pan Am” will fly again?

Deadline is reporting that the period drama, which will more than likely not be renewed by ABC, may have a future on cable. The show, which stars Christina Ricci, Margot Robbie and Michael Mosley, is much more popular in Europe than it ever was in the U.S. It is this that may lead Sony TV, the program’s producer, to look for alternate venues for the series.

As a sign of further popularity overseas, on Thursday (May 10) “Pan Am” was named “Best Series” at the Rose d’Or TV awards, Europe’s equivalent of the Emmys. It beat out British programs “Martina Cole’s the Runaway” and “The Jury.”

So Zappers, would you be interested in seeing “Pan Am” return? Or should the show stay grounded?


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Finally added the Pan Am section, added new ones I hadnt added before the gallery update! Includes ep stills and HQ photos from onset. Then the gallery is pretty much up to date. I try my best to keep the gallery as updated as possible.

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With the fate of “Pan Am” still up in the air (no pun intended, seriously), it’s uncertain whether fans of the series will ever have a chance to see their favorite period drama again. But before the show calls it a season, and maybe a series, on Sunday (Feb. 19), they’re going out with a whopper of a storyline.

In a sneak preview video, we learn more about the troubled relationship between Ted (Michael Mosley) and Amanda (Ashley Greene). It appears that Ted might still have feelings for Laura (Margot Robbie).

Amanda confronts Laura, saying, “He’s running away from our wedding. I think the main reason is you.” Amanda then proposes something that she believes is in the best interest of all parties involved. But Laura isn’t so sure.

Here’s the video…


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Well the first season of Pan Am wraps up on Sunday =[. Lets hope they bring on a second season!! Anywho enjoy the preview!

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A few weeks ago, I was invited to tour the set of Pan Am, which airs on Sundays at 10 p.m. on ABC. I covered my interview with Christina Ricci a few days ago, and I’ll be sharing more about my visit in the upcoming weeks ahead. While on the set, I also got to be a part of a group interview with Margot Robbie and Michael Mosley, two actors on the show. While I was not able to take a photo or video, pictures were taken for me and I’ll be posting them soon.
Both actors were very forthcoming and clearly love being on the show. They are waiting to hear whether the show is going to be picked up for next year. I enjoy the show for it expresses and plays into my love of travel and seeing the world. While we’re all waiting to hear, check out our interview.

Question: What have you learned about how it was for women at the time?

Margot: We did a lot of research. The main thing I try to remind myself is that it should be expected because that is the way it was. You shouldn’t be shocked – that was the time period.

The whole feminist is similar to how we deal with the racism issue. Again, it was so prevalent. It was before the Civil Rights Movement so it was still the way society was. It is a fine line between playing the way the script is written and ignoring your contemporary views a little. It is an interesting aspect and I like that it is incorporated into the script. It’s fun. It kind of makes us feel more, you know, more powerful as women because we are fighting against that stereotype. That’s why the stewardess were going against the norm.

Question: Wasn’t it better for men in those days?

Michael: I’m happy in 2012. The 1960s wasn’t all happy. I mean, you watch a movie like the Help and it is so obvious that the world was not that happy. I mean learning about the brain drain, squeezed them out. One of the biggest perk is that we get to learn, an excuse to re-learn history.

Margot: It’s not just based on America. Pan Am is a global airline. Especially, the Haiti episode, it really shows the global picture of the times.

Read the full article »

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Heres a scene from last weeks Pan Am someone posted on Youtube! Thought I would post this here for fans in countries it hasnt been released in yet!! Enjoy =]

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In an exclusive first look at Sunday’s (Jan. 22) episode, those nude photos Laura referred to any number of episodes ago come back to haunt her when they’re displayed at an art gallery. While the pictures are quite lovely, Laura never thought they’d go public. So when she sees the entire collection up, Laura delivers the response you’d expect – abject terror.


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Sorry I have been slack with the site as of late! Here is the lowdown and preview for Pan Ams ep 12, “New Frontiers”

“New Frontiers” – Maggie tells Ted why she has reservations about Amanda, and Dean pines for Colette, who reveals she’s asked for a transfer to the Hong Kong hub. On a flight to Rome, Colette befriends a handsome, mysterious man, Omar, and agrees to show him the city. Meanwhile, Dean is accosted by the local customs officials, who are looking for a smuggler; Kate needs to learn a new talent as a pickpocket; and Laura is shocked to discover that the Life Magazine photographer, Graham, sold the nude photos he took of her to a gallery, where they are on display, on “Pan Am,” SUNDAY, JANUARY 22 (10:01-11:00 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network.

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