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Margot Robbie spends her day hanging out with a group of friends on Wednesday (April 9) in London, England.

The 23-year-old actress and her pals stopped by a market and then dropped by a McDonald’s restaurant to grab some hamburgers to go.

Margot‘s breakout movie The Wolf of Wall Street was released on Blu-ray and DVD just a couple of weeks ago so make sure to pick up a copy now!


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It didn’t take us long to decide we loved Margot Robbie’s brown hair when she debuted it on the red carpet at Sunday’s Oscars. It took her a little bit longer — but now she’s a convert.

“I did a movie and I didn’t have time to go back to blonde,” she told PEOPLE of her dark chocolate strands, which she wore femme-fatale style on the red carpet. “I’m liking it! I’m getting used to it. I feel very mysterious as a brunette!”

The star, who Tweeted “She ain’t a Duchess no more,” from the set of Z for Zachariah (the film for which she went dark), is now thinking she might keep the brunette locks around for a while. “I might not dye it back right away,” she said. “I’ll wait until I know what my next movie is.”

Are you loving her as a brunette, or are you Team Blonde?


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You can’t just walk into Hollywood and become a star. Well, that’s not strictly true: you can, just so long as you know the right path to take. And obviously, you have to be at least somewhat talented and ridiculously good-looking. If you’re not, what are you doing in Hollywood? Go make a name for yourself in indy films or on the stage and eventually Hollywood will come to you. But if you are jaw-droppingly attractive and at least moderately talented, then fame and fortune can be yours… just so long as you play by the rules. What rules are those? Let Australia’s-own turned Hollywood-It-Girl Margot Robbie be your guide…

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Would like to wish Margot Robbie a Happy 23rd Birthday for last week! A bit belated I know, but from me at & all the fans we hope you had a fabulous day and keep up the good work Margot.xx

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Would like to wish all of Margot’s fans a Happy New Year! Time flys WAY too quickly! Heres hoping for big and better things for everyone!! Also a late Xmas gift, part 1/3 in the exclusive photogallery update! All photos are in HQ, this part is events from 2008/2009, a HUGE credit to Ana for these! Enjoy, and again best wishes for 2013!

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Just thought Id better post to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas! Hope you all got what you wanted and spend the time to appreciate what you have!! Also best wishes for 2013! A late xmas prezzie will be up in the next few days =]

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Here is Australia we celebrate Melbourne Cup Day, a race that stops the nation! So for you fellow Aussie Margot fans, good luck on your bets!! Who did you bet for!?

Im hoping on Precedence, Dunaden & Maluckyday!!

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Sorry there has been no updates, kinda gone quiet again so thought id let ya guys know im still keeping the site up to date!!

Anywho, I personally don’t celebrate Halloween as I live in Australia and never grew up with this American tradition tho it is starting to trend here. But thought id post this photo Margot put on ‘Whosay” to wish everyone a Happy Halloween from NYC.

Margot Robbie on WhoSay

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Sorry about the long wait for a new layout. I was working on it when I had time, the first theme I was going to use didn’t work out so used another! I hope you all like it. Its just something simple, which is what I like usually with a layout/graphic.

Also sorry that there has been no news or posts, its gotten a bit quiet on the news front but it should perk up again when Margot starts promoting her next 2 projects which are set to release next year. But in the meantime I have a couple magazine scans ill have to scan and post up for you all! And sorry there has been no caps for the rest of Pan Am. My source has not posted any after EP5, and my downloads are not best of quality but hoping it will release on DVD sometime, which then ill probs have to cap the rest myself. So hang in there guys, I have not given up on Margot or this site! I’m hoping to continue this site for years to come!

For now, patience is a virtue!

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Happy Birthday to Margot who’s birthday would currently be celebrated in the US! Also just had to post a vid Caleb made for her, just amazing & dont know how on earth he finds the time!! So enjoy Margot & all her fans, watch this vid! =]

Video Source:

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